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The LED BoosterPack demonstrates the control of 3 boost converters to drive 3 LED (Red, Green, and Blue) strings. This BoosterPack features a variety of user interface options including a 40 pin connector which interfaces to the C2000 LaunchPad and other 40 pin based LaunchPads.

The LED BoosterPack also allows users to connect an MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack to enable touch control of their application. This boosterpack is ideal for those wishing to learn about using real-time digital control techniques for LED lighting applications.

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controlSUITE™ for C2000™ microcontrollers is a cohesive set of software infrastructure and software tools designed to minimize software development time. From device-specific drivers and support software to complete system examples and technical training, controlSUITE™ provides libraries, examples, and support at every stage of development and evaluation. Go beyond simple code snippets - jump start your real-time system with real-world software.

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More information about LaunchPads, supported BoosterPacks and available resources can be found on TI's LaunchPad portal.

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