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  • TSW1405EVM - Low Cost Data Capture Card
  • TSW1406EVM - Low Cost Pattern Generator Card
  • TSW4806EVM - TSW4806EVM: Low Cost Programmable Clock Source
  • TSW2110EVM - TSW2110EVM: Low Cost Crystal Filtered 10MHz Source
  • TSW2200EVM - TSW2200EVM: Low Cost Portable Power Supply
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The High Speed Data Converter System Evaluation Kit (HSDC-SEK-10) provides an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for evaluating new and existing High-Speed ADC and DAC EVMs from Texas Instruments. These tools include a pattern capture card, pattern generator card, low jitter clock source, clean signal source, and a multi-output regulated power supply. They are simple to use, easily portable and require only one 110-120 VAC source for power. The kit includes 5 EVM’s for only $799.