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What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is an easy-to-use development tool intended for beginners and experienced users alike for creating microcontroller-based applications. At $9.99, the LaunchPad offers everything you need to get started with your projects.


The LaunchPad development tool is a part of the MSP430 Value Line series. The integrated DIP target socket supports MSP430G2xx2, MSP430G2xx3, and MSP430F20xx devices in PDIP14 or PDIP20 packages, allowing them to be dropped into the LaunchPad board for easy programming, debugging, and monitoring. Included are free unrestricted and downloadable software development environments for writing and debugging software. The LaunchPad can be used to create interactive solutions thanks to its integrated buttons, LEDs, and extra input/output pins for easy integration of external devices.


Simplify your code-writing process with Energia! Easily utilize the TI LaunchPad development ecosystem via the open-source software framework for students, makers and engineers.

Why LaunchPad?

The LaunchPad is an easy-to-use, affordable, and scalable introduction to the world of microcontrollers and the MSP430 family.

  • Easy-to-use – LaunchPad includes all of the hardware and software needed to get started. Pre-programmed devices and code examples help users get up and running quickly.
  • Affordable – For $9.99, the LaunchPad includes a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 microcontrollers, mini-USB cable, PCB connectors for expandability, external crystal for increased clock accuracy, and unrestricted software integrated development environments (IDEs) – everything you need to get started today.
  • Scalable – The LaunchPad is a simple introduction to the MSP430 microcontroller family. As application requirements change, programs developed on the LaunchPad can be migrated to higher end MSP430 devices.


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy and affordable. Order now to Launch your applications today!

Download our free software debugger/compilers:
Code Composer Studio version 4
IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart

Are there cool projects for LaunchPad?


Would you like to build a LaunchPad Robot?  

What about a LaunchPad LED Coffee Table?  

See LaunchPad Microcontroller Projects for the complete list.


For more information, please see:
LaunchPad Community




LaunchPad Book
Get started on LaunchPad with this book published by Elsevier. Blink LEDs, buzz buzzers & sense sensors quickly with this useful guide! Leverages the wonderful community-created tool, Energia.


More information about the LaunchPad, the supported BoosterPacks and available resources can be found at TI’s LaunchPad portal and the MSP430 LaunchPad wiki for design resources and example projects.

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