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The TMP006 BoosterPack is a simple adapter board that allows the TMP006EVM circuit board to be used with the MSP430 LaunchPad. EVM is designed to allow full evaluation of the TMP006 device. The EVM features the TMP006 device with the required specific PCB layout and some simple support circuitry. The GUI for the EVM implements the full object temperature calculations allowing the user to measure object temperatures with the TMP006 BoosterPack.

The TMP006 BoosterPack kit can connect to 2x TMP006EVM circuit boards at once. 1x TMP006EVM circuit board is included in the kit.


  • TMP006 BoosterPack capable of connecting to 2x TMP006EVM circuit boards
  • Includes 1x TMP006EVM circuit boards
  • Ribbon type extension cable
  • Software CDROM with GUI
  • Download the TMP006 Booster Pack GUI, Firmware and MD5 Checksum

For more information, click here to view the tools folder.

More information about LaunchPads, supported BoosterPacks and available resources can be found on TI's LaunchPad portal.